Gottman Method

Gottman Method™ Couples Counseling

Based in over four decades of research of the Master’s and Disaster’s of relationships, Drs. John and Julie Gottman know what makes marriage work. Utilizing “What Makes Love Last” and “7 Principals for Making Marriage Work”, you will gain practical tools for bettering your communication, friendship, and intimate life. Whether you’re looking to build a solid foundation, healing from an affair, or anything in between, you will find the tools and support you need at Changes Counseling Center.

Effective intervention tools developed by Drs. John and Julie Gottman seek to support couples in the following ways:

  • Re-sparking passion, intimacy, and friendship
  • Increasing emotional closeness and building fondness and admiration
  • Reducing perpetual and gridlocked conflicts
  • Improve communication by eradicating criticism, defensiveness, contempt, and stonewalling
  • Healing after an affair or other attachment injury
  • Increasing dream language and conversations in an attempt to build dreams for the future

What to expect in Couple’s Counseling:

  • Structured, initial joint session that reviews the couples history and events leading up to current needs and reasons for seeking couples therapy
  • Confidential online assessment created by the Gottman Institute that identifies the couples strengths and challenges
  • Individual sessions with each partner, allowing them to share their personal history and perspectives with the therapist
  • A joint, feedback session where therapist will share the results of the full assessment, treatment plan, and goals for work together