Sex Therapy

Sex therapy provides a safe and expert place to talk about intimacy issues, sexual functioning questions, concerns about a possible sex addiction or to get help with specific sexual dysfunctions. Sex therapy often includes sexual homework assignments for the client to do later in the privacy of their own home.

Common issues we can work on include and are not limited to:

  • Couple’s frequency differences – learn how to communicate and compromise about your sexual needs
  • Premarital Sexual Counseling – providing sex education to help virgins have a pleasurable experience on their wedding night.
  • Anorgasmia – no orgasm or a lack of climax
  • Low libido – male or female
  • Erectile Dysfunction Treatment and Premature Ejaculation Therapy –including anxiety reduction techniques and desensitization procedures.
  • Survivors of sexual abuse or sexual trauma – help survivors gain their sexual freedom back from the traumatization.
  • Sexual Pain Problems – sexual pain issues resulting from abuse, menopause, cancer treatment, etc.

The work of sex therapy is complex, and must be inclusive in its awareness of the interplay between medicine, biology and physiology, psychology, culture, environment, and individual interpersonal relationship dynamics. Depending on your situation, I may suggest that you consult with your existing psychiatrist, physician, urologist or gynecologist.