Affairs / Infidelity

Marriage can survive infidelity, but it takes a lot of work and patience. Couples can mend from affairs and go on to have stronger relationships.. The path may be unclear to you but I can help each partner deal with this relational disaster in ways that bring healing, truth, transparency, more intimacy, better sex and recovery. Whether your relationship was troubled or you thought you were happily married, I can help you talk about the affair—what it means, why it happened and find ways to prevent it from happening again.

  • Initially, to stabilize in and survive the devastating crisis
  • Evaluate the marriage/partnership to decide if it is worth getting past the affair
  • Analyze if the marriage is worth saving and the reasons why the affair happened
  • Decide whether and how to forgive infidelity in a marriage/relationship
  • Get accountability and honesty
  • Offer sex/porn addiction treatment and help for the spouse of the sex addict if needed
  • Learn to trust based on joint vulnerability, truth, openness, emotional connection and sharing
  • Improve the sexual life to be both emotional and erotic
  • Rebuilding is possible – affair-proof your relationship